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Pictured left to right: BIPD's Community Resources Officer Carla Sias, Bremerton PD's Corporal Duke Roessel, Special Olympian (and state Athlete of the Year) Patrick Gardner, and Bremerton PD's Sergeant Aaron Elton.


Thank you for Supporting Tip-a-Cop!

Thanks to the hard work of law enforcement officers, local Special Olympics athletes, and the staff of the Silverdale Red Robin, 2016's “Tip-a-Cop for Special Olympics” was a great success, yielding $5,224 in one day! Thank you so much to those who stopped at Red Robin to enjoy lunch and support the event!

Representatives from the police departments of Bainbridge Island Poulsbo, Bremerton, and the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office volunteered their time and worked hard during the event to demonstrate inspired spirit and commitment.  Between the “Tip-a-Cop,” “Torch Run,” and other fundraisers held this year, “The Unified Law Enforcement Agencies of Kitsap County” have raised a total of $7,724 earning the “Bronze Level” donor status for Special Olympics Washington. What an incredible feat!
Protect Yourself From Relentless IRS Scammers!

Attempted fraud by telephone is very common and becoming worse every day.  Scammers threaten people with lawsuits, liens, and even arrest if they don’t pay an alleged debt.  Unfortunately, scamming is highly successful, and this makes some scammers relentless.  Many use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to camouflage the number they are actually calling from, making it look as if they are located somewhere they are not.  They may even leave a callback number, but if you dial that number you are unwittingly being routed to a boiler room somewhere that is likely not even located anywhere near the identifiable area code.

Law enforcement agencies nationwide are aware of this epidemic, but unfortunately these types of criminals are nearly impossible to find.  If you or someone you know ever falls victim to one of these scams, please call your local law enforcement agency to report it.  If you live out of state and the number the scammer left with you appears to be a Bainbridge Island number, you will want to contact your local law enforcement agency to report it.  Crimes are always determined to have been committed where the crime actually takes place.  If you were defrauded over the phone and you live in Florida, it means the crime took place in Florida regardless of where the criminal happens to be operating from.  Your local law enforcement agency will contact other agencies during the course of their investigation if they feel it is warranted.  

Here's an interesting article on how scammers use VoIP to stay hidden in the shadows and another pertaining specifically to the IRS scam.

Please report these attempts to defraud at the federal level through the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force and directly to the IRS.

Stay safe out there!