City Manager Doug Schulze

(206) 842-2545
The City Manager serves as the city's chief executive officer, reporting to and appointed by the City Council. The roles of the City Manager and the City Council in this form of government are regulated under the Revised Code of Washington 35A.13. The City Manager and staff are responsible for the administration of city polices and the operation of all departments. The Executive Department also manages interdepartmental functions, such as legal, communications, human resources and information technology. 

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City Attorney Joe Levan

(206) 780-8622
The City Attorney plans, directs and supervises legal services for the City, providing counsel to the City Manager, City Council, staff and citizen committees and commissions. Other duties include participating in decisions related to general City policies and operations; the provision of legal advice to guide City policies, decisions, and activities; drafts and interprets City ordinances and resolutions; and negotiates contracts and agreements with outside governmental agencies and private concerns. 

City Clerk Christine Brown

(206) 780-8604
The City Clerk coordinates the development of the City Council meeting agendas. As the City's official recordkeeper, the City Clerk is the City's Public Records Officer and is responsible for maintaining records of ordinances and resolutions passed by City Council, updating the municipal code and posting legal notices. The City Clerk also receives claims for damage filed against the city.