Water & Sewer

Water Quality

If you have a concern or question regarding the quality of your water, call Public Works Operations and Maintenance Division at 206-842-1212.


The following systems were tested in 2018:

Winslow Water System (PDF)

Rockaway Beach Water System (PDF)


The national average water use for a family of four is approximately 1000 cubic feet (cf) each month. Apartment complexes use about half that and a home with an irrigation system can use considerably more.

  • 100cf: 750 Gallons
  • Average Bath: 50 Gallons
  • Average Shower: 20 Gallons

SSA (Summer Sewer Averaging)

During the summer months, we realize all your water consumption is not going into the sewer so we give you a break on your sewer rate. This means the sewer consumption from June 15th to September 15 is billed based on your average winter consumption.

Available Rebates

The city has a rebate for low-flow toilets. If you are on the city’s sewer system and you replace a toilet installed before 1994, you may qualify for up to a $100 rebate. The date your toilet was manufactured is printed under the lid. Please see BIMC 13.14.110, Ordinance 99-23 (PDF).

Conservation Tips


Water and Sewer Billing Rates (PDF)

Water Providers

There are over 100 independent water companies (PDF) on Bainbridge Island. You may be on a community well or a larger system. The Kitsap Public Health District regulates all water systems. They can be reached at 360-337-5285. Other resources are:

Resources Phone Number
Emerald Heights Water
Island Utilities (Kitsap PUD)
Kitsap PUD
Meadowmeer 206-842-7889
Phelps Water
Port Madison Water
South Bainbridge Water (Kitsap PUD)