Councilmember Views

Disclaimer: The views posted by an individual Councilmember are only those of that particular Councilmember. They do not represent the official position of either the City Council or the City of Bainbridge Island. 


  • The views posted by individual Councilmembers come from the Councilmembers themselves – City staff only helps with the administrative process of posting them on the website.
  • The public may respond to an individual Councilmember by sending that Councilmember an email, but that response will not be posted for other members of the public or other Councilmembers to read.
  • Any email response from the public will become a public record subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act.
  • Other Councilmembers will not send each other email responses to individual posts – discussion of issues will be conducted in the normal course of regular or special City Council meetings under the Open Public Meetings Act. 

   Michael Scott Views

      Plastics in the Ocean - December 2016 

   Val Tollefson Views

      Comprehensive Plan - April 2016
      Volunteer Opportunities - April 2017


Ron Peltier Views

      Community Policing - March 2017