Business License / B & O Tax

ATTENTION: The City of Bainbridge Island cannot accept and receipt business license renewal fees. The renewal of your City business license is now handled by the State of Washington Business Licensing Service (BLS). You will receive your City license renewal statement and payment instructions from BLS, and you MUST pay your renewal fee through BLS. 

If you have not received your City license renewal statement, please contact BLS directly at 1-800-451-7985. Only payment through BLS will guarantee continued licensing with the City. Business license renewal payments received at the City will be returned to the business with instructions to contact BLS.

Please Note: City of Bainbridge Island continues to oversee the City's Business & Occupation Tax reporting. B&O Tax Report packets were mailed to businesses December 31, 2018. Completed reports should be returned to the City by February 28, 2019, to avoid penalties. If you have any questions, please contact Finance and Administration at 206-780-8591.

Business License

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For more information on the State Legislative initiative on the simplification of local business licensing and tax, see EHB 2005 and the Local Tax & Licensing Simplification Task Force: A report to the Legislature per Engrossed House Bill 2959.  You may download a PDF of the above letter here.

Please Note: The City no longer issues Business License Certificates. Your Bainbridge Island Business License appears as an endorsement on your Washington State Business License.


To obtain a City of Bainbridge Business License, or for information, contact:


Do you want to know if a business has a business license? Use the My DOR Business Lookup portal.

Please contact the Finance and Administrative Services Department with any questions about licensing requirements for doing business on Bainbridge Island at or 206-780-8668.

Business & Occupation Tax

As an incorporated city, one way Bainbridge Island raises revenue is through its Business & Occupation (B&O) Tax levied on businesses doing business on the island. Businesses with gross receipts of more than $150,000 earned on Bainbridge Island are subject to the City's Business and Occupation Tax set at 1/10 of 1%. The tax is filed annually reporting gross revenue for the prior calendar year. This B&O Tax is separate from and in addition to the Washington State B&O Tax. 

The City mails a personalized B&O Tax Report to our businesses on or around the first week of January of each year.  A generic report is provided below for your convenience. B&O Tax Reports and tax payments are due by the last day of February each calendar year.  See the Fee Schedule to calculate penalties for reports received after the due date.

Please Note: Nonprofit organizations are only subject to Business and Occupation Taxes as a result of undertaking for-profit activities.

Please Note: Certain businesses are subject to separate taxes in lieu of B&O Taxes:

If you have questions about the City's B&O Tax, please contact the Finance Department at (206)780-8668.


Please Note: The City cannot accept tax money for the 2018 reporting year before January 1, 2019.