Waterfront Park & City Dock (closed for reconstruction)

01/16/18- Hello Boaters, the dock looks great but it is not quite open yet.  For updates, go to the project page HERE.  Also, sign up for the "Notify Me" listserv for Harbor Notices.

Volunteer Opportunities

When the new dock is in full swing in 2018, we have openings as Dock and Kiosk host.  The Harbormaster needs your help greeting boaters and visitors to Eagle Harbor Waterfront Park. If you enjoy an active boating community, the outdoors and meeting new people, this volunteer opportunity is for you.  Call Tami Allen, BIPD 206.786.7627.

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is one of the most popular civic and social gathering places for island residents and visitors alike. It welcomes annual festivals, summer performances, special events, picnics, music performances, and more. It provides sunny lawn areas for play and relaxation and easy access to the water's edge for boating and tranquil views of Eagle Harbor.


The 5.5-acre park also supports a children's play area. Waterfront Park is bordered by the downtown area featuring a wide range of restaurants, businesses and retail stores within walking distance.


Waterfront Park is open for day use only and is located on Eagle Harbor off of Brien Drive (across from the Bainbridge Commons). 

City Dock (CLOSURE July 31, 2017 - March 1, 2018)

The 200-foot city dock is directly south of Waterfront Park. It is open year-round and is first come, first served. The city dock offers guest moorage for vessels for up to 70 feet. The city also offers 400 feet of offshore guest moorage in Eagle Harbor and ample transient anchorage in Eagle Harbor and around the island.

Dock Reservations (CLOSURE July 31, 2017 - March 1 2018)

For special event dock reservations, please complete a $100 nonrefundable
Dock Use Permit application. Contact the Harbormaster with any questions at 206-780-3733.


Boater fees due upon arrival are as follows:
  • Boat-Trailer Combo Parking - $8 per day, $80 per year
  • Buoy and Dinghy Dock - 24 hours - $0.25 per foot
  • Car-Top Boater Parking - $5 per day, per car
  • Day Use Dinghy Dock, Launch, Pump-Out - Free
  • Dock Moorage - 0 to 3 hours - $0.10 per foot
  • Dock Moorage - 24 hours - $0.50 per foot
  • Group Launch - $20 per day

Reminder for Boaters

  • Construction for the new dock and expanded ramp begins July 31, 2017 and will extend through the end of February.  Anchoring, restrooms and showers are still available with dinghy access at the beach.
  • Eagle Harbor is a 5-knot, no-wake zone beginning at the U.S. Coast Guard Green #5 Can. Float planes must land and take off outside the #5.
  • Moorage is first-come, first served. There is 150-linear feet of moorage at the dock and 300-linear feet of moorage offshore.
  • Motoring is not allowed in the Aquatic Conservancy at the far west end of the inner harbor.
  • Public anchoring is permitted west of the WSF repair facility, 200' south of marinas and east of the private tidelands at entrance to the inner harbor, and so as not to hazard other vessels.
  • Rafting is encouraged.
  • There is a federal Regulated Navigation Area (No Anchor) in Eagle Harbor.
  • The southeast section of the public dock is for pumping out only.
  • Transient (48 hours) anchoring is allowed in the Open Water Anchoring and Mooring Area.
  • We prohibit discharge of any kind. Free showers upland are included in your moorage. Contact the Harbormaster or volunteer dock host for access to the showers.

How to Purchase a Boat-Trailer Annual Placard 

If you use the boat-trailer parking often at the daily rate of $8, you may want to consider an annual parking placard. They cost $80 and can be used daily for parking your boat-trailer combo while your boat is in the water. 


These placards are valid January 1, 2018, through December 31, 2018. Boat-trailer stalls are reserved for you daily near the ramp as well as weekends and holidays at the indicated areas of Bjune Avenue.


Your placard will eliminate the need to complete a fee envelope each time you park.  Observe the following options.
  • Option 1: Complete a fee envelope at the dock and submit $80. Circle “annual” on the envelope and write your full mailing address. Tear off the receipt and write “annual” for the dates. Use this paper receipt on your windshield until your placard arrives in the mail.
  • Option 2: Pay with a credit cart by calling or visiting the cashier at City Hall, 280 Madison Avenue North, weekdays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. We will issue you a placard over the counter.
  • Option 3: Mail a check for $80 to the cashier at City Hall, 280 Madison Avenue North, Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110. We will mail you your placard. If you need to park before the placard arrives, please leave a note on your windshield for parking enforcement.