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According to Bainbridge Island Municipal Code 2.14.030, the Hearing Examiner is responsible for conducting hearings on and adjudicating quasi-judicial cases involving a variety of complex land use and regulatory compliance issues, and other issues which the City Council may designate to the Hearing Examiner by ordinance. The hearing examiner shall issue decisions or recommendations based on relevant ordinances, regulations, policies, statutes, and other authorities.

City of Bainbridge Island Seeks Hearing Examiner

The City of Bainbridge Island is requesting proposals from individual attorneys or firms with substantial Hearing Examiner experience for the purpose of selecting a Hearing Examiner.


The Hearing Examiner conducts quasi‐judicial hearings on complex land use matters and regulatory compliance issues on behalf of the City and issues decisions and recommendations supported by findings and conclusions. The City is seeking proposers with a Juris Doctor degree and a license to practice law in the State of Washington, although applicants without a Juris Doctor degree will be considered provided that they can demonstrate substantial knowledge of land use and zoning law and meet the minimum experience requirements identified in the RFP. Proposers should have at least five (5) years of experience in land use and zoning law, preferably as a land use hearing examiner or as a land use attorney representing clients before administrative decision makers such as hearing examiners, city/county councils, boards of adjustment, and/or planning commissions in the State of Washington. The term of the Hearing Examiner is for two (2) years, from January 1, 2018, to December 31, 2019.
The City and any party selected for these services will enter into a professional services agreement which will address compensation. Proposals must clearly set forth the fees or fee structure (e.g., hourly rate, monthly retainer, per-case fee) to be charged for the proposed services.

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All materials shall be submitted electronically in one packet to the following email address: cityadmin@bainbridgewa.gov. The City’s contact person is Rosalind Lassoff, Executive Assistant, (206) 780-8624.

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Decisions & Recommendations

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Past Decisions and Recommendations


In April 2003, the city passed, and the mayor approved, Resolution No. 2003-14 adopting Rules of Procedure for the Office of the Hearing Examiner. These Hearing Examiner Rules govern the conduct of hearings held by the Hearing Examiner. The rules are divided into three chapters: 
  • Rules that apply to all matters
  • Rules for hearings on permit applications
  • Rules for hearings on appeals of administrative decisions
The Bainbridge Island Municipal Code, in Chapters 2.14 and 2.16, establishes the hearing examiner review and appeal procedures. For more information, please read the Hearing Examiner Rules.