Boaters Fair: Saturday June 8, 2019 10 AM - 2 PM


Please join us at Boaters Fair!

We have lots of events on deck at this FREE event for you and your family. Learn how to do knot-tying, come to the nautical swap meet, watch a helicopter rescue demonstration and choose a boat to try out!

Date/Time: Saturday, June 8, 10 AM to 2 PM.

Location: Eagle Harbor Waterfront Park Dock, 301 Shannon Drive NE

Event highlights will include:

Learn about the Bainbridge Island Police Department's Marine Services Unit. Tour our 33-foot SAFE Boat, "Marine 8", that’s used for search and rescue missions, vessel assistance and environmental response, among others. You can also check out “Marine 11” – an 18-foot vessel that is often used for boating safety checks, boater education and enforcement of “No-Wake Zones” around Bainbridge Island.

Learn about knot-tying, cruise planning and vessel inspections with the Coast Guard Auxiliary who started the event to teach people about boating safety. The Flotilla 4-8 meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at Strawberry Park. The public is always welcome.

Come to the NAUTICAL SWAP MEET sponsored by the Eagle Harbor Yacht Club. They will also host a human powered fun race in Eagle Harbor.

Watch a Helicopter rescue demonstration over the water!

Try paddle boarding and kayaking with Exotic Aquatics Scuba and Kayaking. Staff  will be offering free 15 minute demos from 10 AM to 1 PM of the Eddyline kayak fleet and a selection of Pau Hana paddle boards, as well as a kayak safety class (or two, depending on demand). They will also have a kayak instructor on hand as well as their kayak guides to answer questions, teach general paddling strokes (as requested), inform participants, and demonstrate fun kayaking tricks. Experienced paddlers can join in the "Race to the Rock" at 10 am from the dock to Blakely Rock and back.

Welcome aboard the Sea Scout Ship Yankee Clipper, a 44-foot sail-training vessel which provides a "hands-on" maritime program for youth. They will offer FREE rides during the event. 

Join Bainbridge Island Rowing for a free hands-on preview to learn more about the exciting sport of rowing!

Meet Steve Rhoades to hear about his adventures in the SEVENTY48.

Sign up to be a captain on the City's Emergency Flotilla or to be a Dock Host this summer.

Meet those who write about, live upon, and work on local vessels such as   "True".

Try your hand in the GIANT CANOE Pull with Udo Wald, or join a friendly human powered race to Blakley Rock with Rich Seubert.

Learn to rig with the best high school sailors we've got!

Learn about all the BIPRD Aquatic Programs on Bainbridge Island.

Meet your local Ham Radio club.

Be part of the Orca Mural. Put on black clothing and grab your black umbrella, we’ll mobilize into a pattern that, from the air, will form the picture of an Orca.  Drone photo/video will capture that image and help spread the word of how our Orcas and our Salmon really need help right now.

Try your hand at the heaving lines and haul away with Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation.

Meet City staff and members of the Marine Access Committee for information about water quality, marine access and other programs.  

Get your clean boater swag from Washington Sea Grant.

Come aboard WALTER, Washington’s All-equipped Law Enforcement Training & Education Resource boat.

And more!

Tami Allen, Harbormaster
 Harbormaster Page