Town Square Project

For the past three years, responses to the community survey conducted by National Research Center on behalf of the City of Bainbridge Island have rated public parking on Bainbridge Island as one of the lowest rated community characteristics. In addition, complaints about the lack of public parking in the downtown area are among the more frequent types of complaints received. Efforts to address public parking needs date back almost three decades and have generated several studies.

Access to the businesses and cultural venues by pedestrians, bicyclists and automobiles is critical to creating and maintaining a vibrant downtown. A vibrant and healthy downtown provides goods, services, entertainment and gathering places for residents and visitors alike.

The Winslow Access & Parking Task Force consists of Winslow Merchants, Commercial Property Owners, Bainbridge Island Downtown Association, Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce and others who have an interest in access to the Winslow commercial area. The Task Force is focused on development of a parking facility on City-owned land between the Town Square and the alley behind Winslow Way (currently a gravel parking lot).

Project Status:

  • January 17, 2017: The City Council will continue discussion of the potential Town Square Project.