Traffic Notifications


                                          ROAD WORK & DELAYS


                                  Bainbridge Island Traffic Revisions
                                                  December 8, 2016

Location:        5342 ROCKAWAY BEACH RD
One lane with flaggers
Duration:        Through Friday, Dec 16th 
Reference:     Rockaway Beach Outfall Improvement Project
Contact:         Public Works-Engineering / Mark Westover, P.E. / 842.2016
Location:       NEAR 5284 & 5292 ROCKAWAY BEACH RD
Restriction:   ROAD CLOSURE (detour route provided)

Duration:       Mon (Dec 12th) through Fri (Dec 16th) 7:30am to 4pm
Reference:    Fire hydrant replacement
Contact:        Public Works-Operations & Maintenance / Aaron Claiborne / 842.1212

Location:       5128 ROCKAWAY BEACH RD
One lane with flaggers
Duration:       Mon (Dec 12th) through Fri (Dec 16th) 7:30am to 4pm
Reference:    Water service connection & asphalt restoration
Contact:        Public Works-Operations & Maintenance / Aaron Claiborne / 842.1212
Location:        BRIEN DRIVE
ROAD CLOSURE (detour route provided)
Duration:        Saturday, Dec 10th 12n to 8pm
Reference:     Winter Wonderland / Waterfront Park
Contact:         COBI / Kellie Stickney / 206.780.3741

Location:        5004 CRYSTAL SPRINGS DRIVE
One lane with flaggers 
Duration:        Through December
Reference:      Water main installation, water services & asphalt restoration
Contact:          Pape & Sons Construction / Brad Appleman / 253.255.3802

Location:        WEAVER ROAD (High School Rd to Wyatt Way)
Intermittent one lane with flaggers
Duration:        Through January 
Reference:     Winslow Grove Development
Contact:         Seton Construction / Rick Goodwin / 260.865.7407

                                   ONGOING / UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


        FORT WARD HILL ROAD (between Evergreen Avenue & South Beach Drive)
Restriction:    Trucks over 40ft in length must have licensed flaggers in assistance
Duration:        Until further notice
Contact:         Public Works / Engineering / 842.2016

Location:       GERTIE JOHNSON ROAD (from sign to dead-end)
Weight limit of 6,000 GW
Duration:       Until further notice
Contact:         Public Works / Engineering / 842.2016
For general information regarding work on SR305, contact WSDOT at 360.874.3050 or

The City of Bainbridge Island fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statues in all programs and activities.  Those requiring disability accommodations, please contact the City Clerk at 206.842.2545 or